Co-developing the Open Data Master Plan: In public, with the Public!

The City of Toronto developed an Open Data Master Plan, and we went about this in a very engaging and collaborative way.

Through an iterative series of in-person and online consultations, we solicited feedback from our broad range of internal and external stakeholders—including the public—to ensure our Open Data Master Plan and Roadmap is in support of the City’s commitment to Open Government and guided by our four principles:

  • co-developed with the public;
  • focus on releasing data sets that help solve civic issues and provide highest public benefit;
  • explore opportunities to improve City efficiency; and
  • embrace inclusivity to remove barriers to open data and strengthen resilience.

To review all Council decisions and progress made leading up to the development and adoption of the Open Data Master Plan and Roadmap, please see EX30.12 – Toronto’s Open Data Master Plan

Please see the accessible version of the Open Data Master Plan to view the document in a machine-readable format that is compatible with assisstive technologies.


In the spirit of openness, we encourage members of the public to review project artifacts created throughout the development of the Open Data Master Plan. Project artifacts include materials and photos from community workshops, public consultations, our Open Data Beta Portal launch, as well as feedback gathered to date from our Open Data Advisory Group members.

View the Project Artifacts folder

As directed by City Council at its meeting on April 26, 2017, this report recommends the adoption of an Open Data Master Plan 2018-2022 for the City of Toronto.

Open North

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