We’ve updated the new Open Data Portal to include our entire catalogue of open datasets as well as new features and enhancements. New dataset publications will be accessible through the new portal as preparations are underway to retire the old catalogue.

Open Data Catalogue

Explore the City of Toronto's open data catalogue, including datasets from a wide range of City divisions.


Discover ways that the City as well as members of the public make use of open data to help create services, tell stories and develop applications.

Open Data Master Plan

Explore how the development of the Open Data Master Plan and Roadmap supports the City's commitment to Open Government.

What is Open Data?

Learn about open data and how it can help make the City more transparent, accountable, participatory and accessible.

Open Data Resources

Need help making use of open data? Find out what tools can be used to interact with open data.

Open Data Portal

Learn about the new Open Data Portal, a tool that will allow anyone, anywhere to make use of City data in meaningful ways.