The Automated Vehicles Tactical Plan was created to fill a gap: between emerging technical understandings of AVs and the City of Toronto’s existing long-term visions, strategies, and plans of a healthy, equitable, livable and sustainable City.

The AV Tactical Plan outlines how the City should prepare for AVs and how it can influence the direction of the technology in these early stages. The overall goal is to be proactive, ensuring that Toronto is well-placed to both maximize opportunities and mitigate impacts arising from the arrival of AVs in the City.

The Automated Vehicles (AV) Tactical Plan provides an actionable path forward to prepare the City of Toronto for the introduction of highly automated vehicles – or driverless cars – on city streets, in public transit, and in the delivery of municipal services.

The Tactical Plan will ensure that all divisions and agencies are following a consistent direction on this technology, and will allow for clear communication of the City’s priorities as they relate to AVs.

The City of Toronto’s Automated Vehicles Tactical Plan was approved by City Council on October 29, 2019.

More information on the Tactical Plan can be found on the News Releases & Media Advisories page.

AV Readiness 2022

This first phase of preparation in the Automated Vehicles Tactical Plan is intended to ensure that the City of Toronto is “AV Ready” in 2022. To achieve this, the City of Toronto is undertaking five major initiatives over three years to better understand and test this technology. The five projects are as follows: