Apply for/Renew a Parking Permit

Apply for or renew your on-street, off-street or temporary parking permit and learn more about car-sharing programs and parking regulations in Toronto.

Apply for a Street Event Permit

Apply for a temporary street closure, banner or sidewalk sale permit.

Public Transit in Toronto

Plan your trips around Toronto and the GTHA using public transit and learn how the transit network is expanding.

Road Restrictions & Closures

Up-to-date information on road restrictions, maintenance and construction projects on Toronto's roads.

Road Safety

How to stay safe on Toronto's roads.

Road Maintenance

Information on our winter maintenance program, potholes, bike removals and more.

Traffic Management

How the City manages traffic with lights, signs and cameras.

Cycling in Toronto

Information on our cycling program, projects, bylaws and network.

Sidewalks, Tours & Wayfinding

Information about the City's wayfinding strategy, tours, sidewalks and accessible streets.

Enhancing our Streets and the Public Realm

Programs that improve the safety, functionality and sustainability of our streets and public realm while beautifying neighbourhoods.

Transportation Projects

Learn about transportation projects, including RapidTO.