The Spring 2022 on-street parking permit renewal period is now open.


Please note: If there are no changes to your personal information, permit holders are strongly encouraged to renew online. In-person services are currently limited to processing new permit applications and making changes to permit/renewal account information (e.g. change of address or change of licence plate). Refund requests for the full remaining months left on your permit can be mailed to Permit Parking.

Residential On-Street Parking

Apply for or renew a six or 12 month on-street parking permit.

Temporary On-Street Parking

Apply for a temporary resident or visitor on-street parking permit.

Residential Off-Street Front Yard & Boulevard Parking

Apply for a residential off-street front-yard and boulevard parking permit.

Commercial Off-Street Boulevard Parking

Apply for a commercial off-street boulevard parking permit.

Car-Share Vehicle Parking

Apply for a car-share vehicle parking permit.

Parking By-laws & Regulations

Learn about parking regulations in Toronto.