Car-share organizations and companies can submit an application to Transportation Services for car-share parking permits for their vehicles.


Learn more about the Free-Floating Car-Share Pilot Program starting on June 1 for 18 months.


On September 14, 2009, Toronto City Council directed Transportation Services to initiate a pilot program to delineate on-street car-share vehicle parking areas (CVPAs). Since July 2010, a total of 20 on-street parking spaces, comprising of six locations in the downtown area, have been fully operational for the exclusive use of vehicles owned by car-share companies.

CVPAs are highly visible parking areas on the city’s right-of-way that have pavement markings delineating the size of the parking space(s) and are signed for a specific car-share company to use.

In 2012, Toronto City Council authorized the expansion of the car-share vehicle parking area program to a maximum of 40 spaces per year (10-20 CVPA locations, subject to the number of spaces at each area). Car-share Organization/Companies can submit applications to Transportation Services for the creation of additional CVPAs.