The online payment option will be available in February/March 2025.  All outstanding 2024 annual fee invoices have been transferred to taxes. Please kindly contact 311 for further information on the 2024 outstanding invoices.

An off-street parking permit is required if property owners wish to rent part of the City boulevard to supplement space on private property for parking.

Description Fees
New Application $471.21+ HST
Transfer Fee (Change in Property Ownership) $151.65 + HST
Annual Fee – Renewal $303.32 + HST
Appeal Filing and Processing $985.59 + HST

Other Fees:

Description Fees
Paving Permit $200.16 (No HST)
Temporary Asphalt Ramp $325.00 (No HST) for up to 3.0m ramp

$200.33 (North York Fee) (No HST)

$32.31 (No HST) for each additional metre.

Permanent Ramp $ (based on dimensions and work required)
Tree Planting $903.43 (No HST)
Inspection Fee for Unlicensed Pads $821.32 + HST
Property Information $151.66 (No HST)
Sign Post Installation Curbstone Installation/Removal $221.06 (No HST)


Before you buy a property you may wish to ensure that any existing front yard parking facility is properly licensed. Note that the license does not follow the property, but that a new property owner will need to apply to have the license agreement transferred.

Please note that disabled front yard parking licenses are not transferable to a new property owner. Please contact the appropriate district office for further information.

While every effort is made to keep the information accurate and up-to-date, the City of Toronto is not responsible for discrepancies between information posted here and claims of or by individuals or representatives involved in the sale and/or purchase of a property. This information is not a substitute for the requirement of a legal enquiry respecting the purchase and/or sale of a property as per 918-15 A (5) of the City of Toronto Municipal Code.

If you have any questions about a particular address, please contact the Off Street Parking office. Also note that an official letter with property information, which may be required to complement an offer of purchase and sale, may be requested in writing. The fee for such a request is $151.66, which can be submitted by a cheque payable to “Treasurer, City of Toronto.”

A list of locations licensed for residential off-street parking can be found in the Street-Index.

Renewal Notices for the 2025 Street Allowance Rental fee will be mailed out between February/March 2025, at which time the On-line Payment Option will be available.

Payment Options:

  1. Online, available for 3 months after the invoice date (Recommended)
  2. Payable to payee “TORONTO STREET ALLOWANCE” at major Chartered Banks in Canada or through online banking (Recommended)
  3. By cheque payable to Treasurer, City of Toronto (Write your account number and invoice number on the front of the cheque)

Mail Cheque To:

Policy, Planning, Finance & Administration
Metro Hall, 55 John Street, 19th Floor
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

Please Note: In person payment with CREDIT (Visa, AMEX or Mastercard), Cash or Cheque is currently not available.

Civic Centres

Inquiry & Payment Counters and payment drop box services are located at Metro Hall and Civic Centres.


Call 311 or 416-392-7768 for Off Street Parking invoices.

Payment Inquiries

Call 416-397-7788, Monday to Friday from 8 4 p.m. or email

Cancel or Update Account

To cancel or update account information (change of ownership, mailing address, contact number):

Kindly notify us in writing:

By email:

By mail:

Transportation Services
Permits & Enforcement – Off Street Parking
East York Civic Centre
850 Coxwell Ave.
Toronto, ON M4C 5R1


There will be a charge of $40.00 for each dishonoured cheque. Overdue accounts are subject to a late payment charge of 1.25% per month (15% per annum). Non-payment of fees will result in termination of the parking licence and charges being added to the tax roll of the property under the authority of the Municipal Code Chapter 441, Fees and Charges.  An additional Municipal charge of $58.34 (2021 transfer fee – subject to annual increase) per transfer will be applied to the tax roll of the property.

Snow Clearing

Please note clearing snow or ice from private property and/or any licensed area onto public sidewalks or roadways is not permitted.