An off-street parking permit is required if commercial property owners wish to rent part of the City boulevard to supplement space on private property for parking.

  • Applicant must be the owner of the property.
  • Where the owner does not wish to make the application for commercial boulevard parking, the ground floor occupant may apply and provide a letter signed by the owner indicating that the owner does not object to installing boulevard parking.
  • The owner recognizes that they (the owners) are responsible for the cost of complying with the boulevard parking agreement in the event of default on the part of the applicant.

  • Minimum size of parking stall of 2.2 m in width and 5.3 m in length.
  • Minimum set back of 0.9 m from the sidewalk must be provided for a parallel parking configuration, and not less than 0.3 m from any sidewalk for an angled or perpendicular parking configuration.
  • Boulevard parking stalls will be designed and located in compliance with any existing zoning by-laws and regulations.
  • The parking stall shall not take individual vehicle access to a major and minor arterial street and wherever practical, shall be located parallel to the road.
  • Where a poll is requested by the local Ward Councillor, the results must be positive and the response rate of at least 25%.
  • The property is not within an area that was polled within the last 2 years where the result was negative.
  • Standard clearances from all trees (depending on size) must be provided as per the applicable bylaw and policy.
  • Vehicles parking on parking area must have a valid licence plate.
  • Parking area is to be paved to the satisfaction of the General Manager, Transportation Services.
  • Parking cannot be on outer boulevard (i.e. any portion of the street between the curb and sidewalk).
  • Owner/Applicant must obtain a permit prior to commencing any work within the City boulevard.
  • Owner/Applicant must pay for the installation of ramping to provide access to the parking area.
  • Owner/Applicant must sign a boulevard parking agreement and comply with terms and conditions.
  • The boulevard parking agreement and licences are not transferable to a new owner or occupant.

The preservation and planting of street trees is crucial to the maintenance of healthy residential streetscapes and can play an important role in minimizing the effect of front yard, driveway widening and boulevard parking. To provide sufficient space for tree growth and planting, it is necessary to limit the amount of paving and impervious material such as concrete or interlocking brick used in front yards and on City boulevards.

Increased use of pervious materials will provide greater water infiltration to support trees and vegetation, in addition to diverting rainflow from the sewer system.

It is also important to consolidate tree planting areas to create places for trees to grow to maturity.

Paving in proximity to City trees must comply with the following specifications contained in Municipal Code Chapter 813 and the City’s Specifications for Construction Near Trees:

Trunk Diameter (DBH) * Minimum Protection Distance Required **
< 10 cm 1.2 m
10 – 29 cm 1.8 m
30 – 40 cm 2.4 m
41 – 50 cm 3.0 m
51 – 60 cm 3.6 m
61 -70 cm 4.2 m
71 – 80 cm 4.8 m
81 – 90 cm 5.4 m
91 – 100 cm 6.0 m
< 100 cm 6 cm protection for each 1 cm diameter

* Diameter at breast height (DBH) measurement of tree trunk taken at 1.4 m above ground.

** Tree Protection Zone distances are to be measured from the outside edge of the tree base.

1. An application for Commercial Boulevard Parking must be completed and submitted along with payment to:

Transportation Services
Right of Way Management
East York Civic Centre
850 Coxwell Ave.
Toronto, ON M4C 5R1

2. Sketch with relevant dimensions showing the parking proposal.

3. For proposals that require a grade change greater than 0.6 m, detailed landscape plans my be required.

Description Fees*
Application Fee $389.48 + HST
Appeal Fee $807.72 + HST
Permit for Construction of Parking Pad $157.96 (No HST)
Annual Fee Area 1**:   $535.40 + HST
Area 2**:   $406.16 + HST
Cost of Ramp Installation: Varies based on size of ramp and number of sidewalk bays affected.


*All fees are subject to an annual inflationary increase based on the City’s User Fee Policy and change without prior notice.

**Area 1: Bounded on the east by the east side of Jarvis Street, on the north by the north side of Bloor Street East and West, on the west by the west side of University Avenue and on the south the lake.

**Area 2: Remainder of the City.

  • An Appeal Application is to be submitted along with payment of the non-refundable appeal fee.
  • A letter outlining the reason for the appeal is to be submitted by the applicant to the General Manager, Transportation Services along with the application for the appeal.
  • The General Manager, Transportation Services reports to the appropriate Community Council. The General Manager, Transportation Services will conduct a poll, if requested by the local Ward Councillor, and include the results of the poll in the report.
  • Residents within the polling area will be notified of the hearing date.

Off Street Parking payment is available online.

Online Payment