In recognizing the importance of the motor coach tour industry to the City and the significant number of school groups arriving by bus to attend cultural and sporting events in the central area, the City has identified approximately 75 parking spaces exclusively for use by buses in the downtown Core, surrounding Central Business District, Port Lands, and Danforth areas.

Buses are allowed to park for durations ranging from a maximum of 1 hour up to a maximum of 24 hours. Traffic conditions dictate that some of these parking spaces are not available at all hours of the day. However, all spaces are offered free of charge to bus operators. Construction in the central area of Toronto often requires the closure of the curb lane of a road for up to 4 years to enable the construction of major developments. In some instances, this might eliminate on-street parking spaces for buses.

The Key Map following this text identifies the districts in the central area of the City where on-street parking for buses is provided. The detailed Zone Maps and locations list indicates specific parking areas for buses, the number of parking spaces provided (based on a full-size bus), the hours when a bus may park, and the maximum parking duration allowed.

“Pay and Display” On-Street Parking

In addition to the exclusive parking spaces provided, buses can park in “pay and display” parking areas on City streets, provided adequate space is available and in accordance with any maximum time restrictions, rush hour parking/stopping prohibitions, etc. Drivers must purchase a ticket from a nearby machine located along the sidewalk and place the ticket face up on the dashboard or prominent location on the windshield of the bus.

Designated “Motor Coach Loading Areas”

Buses may legally “stop” to pick-up or drop-off passengers in any area where a “No Parking” or “No Standing” regulation is posted, provided the bus is actually engaged in this activity. A bus may not park in these areas and wait for groups to arrive. At certain locations where there is a high demand for passenger pick-up/drop-off by buses, “Motor Coach Loading Areas” are identified with specific advisory signs.

Look for the advisory signs at these locations:

  • East side of York Street at Sheridan Centre
  • West side of Victoria Street at the CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre
  • North side of Carlton Street at the Holiday Inn Hotel

Off-Street Parking Lots

The City does not operate any off-street parking facilities suitable for parking buses. A few privately operated off-street parking lots offer parking for buses at varying hourly, daily or flat rates per stay. Drivers should contact independent parking lot operators directly for further information.

In the high demand Bremner Boulevard area, the Rogers Centre operates a “Pay and Display” parking lot (pictured) on the south side of Bremner Boulevard, between Spadina Avenue and Rees Street. This facility is conveniently located across from the Rogers Centre and within a 10-minute walk from the Air Canada Centre, CN Tower/Ripley’s Aquarium, the Harbourfront area, the Theatre District, and Roy Thompson Hall. Drivers are encouraged to make arrangements with the Rogers Centre to use this off-street lot. Contact Rogers Centre directly at 416 341-3057 for further information.

Competing demand for curb lane use is high in the central area of Toronto. While Transportation Services strives to improve on-street parking opportunity for bus operators, it is not feasible to do this at many preferred venues such as the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Princess of Wales Theatre/Royal Alexandra Theatre, and Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Illegal parking/stopping is strictly enforced. Drivers are encouraged to use the bus parking areas provided and help us to make Toronto a “bus friendly” city.

Please Obey the Parking Regulations and Respect Our Environment

  • Buses parked in “No Parking”, “No Standing” or “No Stopping” areas could receive a $300 parking ticket
  • Shut off your engine….Toronto’s Anti-Idling By-law prohibits idling of a motor vehicle for more than one (1) minute in a 60-minute period