Graffiti Management

Learn how the City manages graffiti vandalism, how to report and prevent vandalism and what to do if your private property is impacted.


Innovative programs designed specifically for streets and public spaces that promote and support vibrant, community-engaged street and graffiti art.

Neighbourhood Improvements

Projects to increase the safety and functionality of boulevards in the context of Complete Streets, as well as enhancing the appearance of these areas.

Green Streets

Learn about the Green Street Guidelines to help manage stormwater, improve air quality and biodiversity and enhance and beautify our public realm.

Complete Streets

Learn about the Complete Streets Guidelines and how the City can refine its approach to street design to accommodate all users and enhance local neighbourhoods.

Street Furniture

Learn more about the Coordinated Street Furniture Program and how to apply for a publication box licence.

Sidewalk Cafés and Marketing Displays

Learn more about the new and harmonized bylaw for sidewalk cafés and marketing displays.

Guidelines for Parklets

Information on parklets and the application guidelines.

Civic Improvement Program

Improving the City’s public realm.