The Neighbourhood Improvements program, ran by the Public Realm Section, focuses on projects to increase the safety and functionality of boulevards, including sidewalks, in the context of Complete Streets, as well as improving the appearance of these areas. Projects include:

  • widening sidewalks
  • elimination of right turn channelization (slip) lanes
  • construction of bump-outs
  • curb radii reductions to improve safety by reducing vehicle speeds and pedestrian crossing distances
  • improvements to increase mobility and access for persons with disabilities
  • installations of street trees, plantings and related amenities such as seat walls,
  • other improvements that address safety, mobility, liveable streets, transportation infrastructure and operations

All projects are designed and implemented in the context of providing “complete streets” and serve to advance City Council’s Strategic Themes (City Building, Economic Vitality, Environmental Sustainability, Social Development, Good Governance and Fiscal Sustainability) and strategic initiatives such as the Road Safety Plan, Walking Strategy, and Cycling Strategy.

The success of the Neighbourhood Improvements program is based on collaborative partnership with residents, community organizations, businesses and business associations, who contribute their time, ideas and efforts to enhance and renew public spaces in Toronto’s neighbourhoods. It challenges everyone to look at how day-to-day decisions affect the way we experience the city and what we can all do to ensure that those decisions contribute to building a better city, strengthen our sense of belonging, and pride of place.