Transportation Services manages thousands of publication box licenses on city streets. Within this program, publishers apply for permits and install and maintain publication boxes within the public right-of-way.

The program is integrated into the Street Furniture Program by organizing boxes into corrals or dispensing kiosks installed by Astral Media. City Council has adopted a staff recommendation that all permitted publication boxes be in corrals or kiosks by the end of 2020.

Installation and maintenance of publication boxes are the responsibility of publishers. Transportation Services actively enforces publication boxes to ensure they are being maintained according to City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 743. If a box has been vandalized or is not in a state of good repair, contact the publisher or 311.

Description Application Fee Annual Fee Annual Fee
Publication Dispensing Boxes $92.01 + HST $36.17 + HST per box per location (for the 1st 100 boxes) $144.53 + HST (for each additional box after 100 boxes)
Publication Kiosks $100.36 + HST per kiosk $411.62 + HST


The Publication License Application Download Package includes:

  • “Read Me” information sheet containing detailed instructions to guide publishers through the application process
  • Publication Vending Box Agreement
  • 2020 Application Form
  • Insurance Certificate that needs to be completed for your application to be considered
  • Vibrant Streets Guidelines

Download the Publication License Application Package