In 2007 the City of Toronto entered into a 20-year agreement with Astral Media for the supply, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of 25,000 street furniture elements, including:

  • transit shelters
  • litter bins
  • benches
  • publication box corrals and kiosks
  • postering structures
  • information pillars
  • automated public toilets.

The agreement provides Astral with advertising exclusivity on select transit shelters and information pillars. In return, the City benefits from free installation and maintenance of furniture, revenue sharing from advertising, and a number of other community benefits.

  • 25,000 new pieces of furniture.
  • A unique-to-Toronto design across the city, replacing several uncoordinated street furniture designs prior to 2006.
  • More amenities for pedestrians.
  • Reduced amount of advertising.
  • Free public service advertising space for the City and BIAs.
  • Revenue sharing from advertising.
  • All at no cost to the City.
  • Scholarship and summer student funding provided by Astral Media.
  • Direct revenues to the City from the program are applied to enhance and beautify the City’s public places, through such initiatives as increased maintenance of street trees, development of tourist wayfinding, landscaping City boulevards and neighbourhood beautification projects.
  • Free access to public washrooms for people who are homeless.
  • Environmental stewardship, including the provision of solar powered transit shelters. More than 600 shelters on city streets are powered by solar energy.