Public Meeting #1: June 18, 2015

Moving Conversations


Complete Streets Guidelines Project Engagement Summary Report

The complete streets Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) was established to provide advice and feedback to the Project Team at key points in the development of the Complete Streets Guidelines.

SAG #1 Workshop Materials: March 23, 2015

SAG #2 Workshop Materials: June 1, 2015

SAG #3 Workshop Materials: February 23, 2016

SAG #4 Workshop Materials: September 20, 2016

Complete Streets Guidelines Project Engagement Summary Report

Complete Street Guidelines Summary Reports

Staff Reports

October 27, 2015

May 6, 2014

May 7, 2013

  • Toronto Planning Review Panel – April 2, 2016: The Complete Streets Guidelines were presented to the Toronto Planning Review Panel.
  • Complete Streets at Jane’s Walk 2016: Continuing the success of the 2015 Complete Street’s Jane’s Walk, in 2016, Project Manager Adam Popper hosted Complete Streets on Your Feet, and a Scarborough Jane’s Bike on the Cycling Network Plan and Complete Streets.
  • Complete Streets Photo Contest: We received over 780 photos showing us what Torontonians think make streets great for people, as places and for prosperity. Photos included many features, such as dedicated transit ways, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, public art, trees, benches and space for shopping and celebration.
  • June 2015 Public Open House: The purpose of the public meeting was to introduce the concept of Complete Streets, introduce Toronto’s Complete Streets Guidelines, and to discuss the draft guiding principles and street types for Toronto. A series of display panels were used to communicate and seek feedback on the draft guiding principles.
  • Moving Conversations: Moving conversations encourage people to experience streets first hand and to discuss what is required for a street to be “complete.” On June 20, 2015, the city hosted two moving conversations in North York and Etobicoke.
  • Online Survey: The online survey received over 1000 responses on the Complete Street Guidelines and the draft Guiding Principles from mid June to the beginning of July.
  • Planners in Public Spaces: The complete streets team was at the Weston Farmer’s Market on July 18, 2015 to share and hear feedback on the guidelines.