Cycling is one of the fastest growing transportation modes in Toronto. The City is working to make travel by bike safer and more inviting.  Making it easier for people to choose to cycle, helps ease congestion on the streets and transit, creates a cleaner environment, and promotes a healthier public.  The City supports cycling by building and maintaining bike lanes and multi-use trails, installing bike parking facilities, distributing bike network maps, and carrying out other campaigns and projects to promote cycling confidence and safe road use behaviour.

Cycling Network Map

View the Cycling Network Map, which includes a current cycling network to help plan your trips.

Cycling Network Projects

Learn about recent cycling projects sorted by infrastructure type.

Cycling Public Consultations

Come out and have your say or provide online feedback at our upcoming public consultations

Toronto's Cycling Infrastructure

Information on cycling network infrastructure such as Cycle Tracks, bicycle lanes, shared roadway routes and multi-use pathways.

Bicycle Parking

Learn more about bicycle parking facilities and where they are located in Toronto.

Safety, Education & Campaigns

Tips for cyclists to be visible, ride predictably, learn how traffic works, and to communicate with other road users.

Cycling & the Law

Learn about cycling laws, rules and guidelines and how to ride responsibly in Toronto.

Cycling Events & Programs

Information on how the City partners with various organizations on cycling initiatives to raise awareness of cycling as an efficient mode of transportation.

Cycling & Transit

Learn more about how the TTC, GO, Toronto Island Ferries, and the City are making it easier to travel by bike.