Around the world in many cities, there are Bike to Work days, weeks and months. These celebrations raise awareness of the benefits of cycling, and to try to encourage people to ride their bikes more.

Each year, Toronto’s Bike Month events kick off with Bike to Work Day which takes place on the last Monday of May. This is a joint event between the City of Toronto and Cycle Toronto.

Beginning in 2012, the City partnered with Cycle Toronto, to transition Bike Month into a community-based program.

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Bike Share Toronto allows users to pick up, and drop off bicycles 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round. The bikes can be taken from any station and returned to any station in the bike share system.

Bike Share Toronto was created to provide both locals and visitors an enjoyable and cost-effective option to walking, taxis, and public transportation. With an expansive network in Toronto, Bike Share Toronto is a fun and easy way get around town and explore the city.

CAN-BIKE is the only accredited program that teaches cycling rules and safety led by certified CAN-BIKE instructors.

Instructors are knowledgeable about the Highway Traffic Act and teach cycling skills such as anticipating traffic dynamics, recognizing road hazards, and collision-avoidance techniques.