CAN-BIKE is the only accredited program that teaches courses on cycling and riding safety. Courses are taught exclusively by instructors certified by the CAN-BIKE program.

Instructors are knowledgeable about the Highway Traffic Act and teach cycling skills such as anticipating traffic dynamics, recognizing road hazards and collision-avoidance techniques.

Register For CAN-BIKE

You and other employees, volunteers or representatives from an organization can access CAN-BIKE training.

Enroll in a public cycling course

Step 1: Find a course

Search cycling courses on the FUN Guide.

  • Beginners: search for “learn to bike”
  • Experienced riders: search for “CAN-BIKE”

Step 2: Register for a course

Register for courses online, by phone or through select recreation centres. Find out how to register for recreation programs.

Nominate a CAN-BIKE instructor

Identify someone within your company or organization to become a CAN-BIKE instructor and then provide in-house instruction for your staff or volunteers. The company or organization must be able to provide insurance for the instructor and appropriate training facilities.

Those who want to become an instructor must take the Level 5 instructor workshop.


To register for the workshop, participants must be at least 18 years old and have:

  • a current Standard First Aid certificate
  • completed First Alert Training, (provided by the City of Toronto)
  • a bicycle that complies with the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and approved helmet
  • completed CAN-BIKE Level 4 with 80% written and 90% practical scores

Additionally, participants must display good organization, people and leadership skills and have some teaching experience or training.

Passing CAN-BIKE Level 5 (instructor workshop)

To pass Level 5, participants must complete the workshop at a high level of proficiency – 80% written and 90% practical score. Those wishing to become an instructor must be recommended by the National Examiner.

After successful completion of the Instructor Workshop, instructors must contact the CAN-BIKE National Office at 613-248-1353 or and make arrangements to receive the appropriate CAN-BIKE handouts and forms for courses they teach.

CAN-BIKE instructor membership

After successful completion of the Instructor Workshop, instructors must fill out the Instructor Membership form. Once Cycling Canada receives the Membership Form, the Instructor will be sent details on next steps.

If you have further questions, contact the CAN-BIKE National Office at 613-248-1353 or email 

Each company or organization writes its own terms of employment for its in-house instructors.

The City of Toronto provides insurance, handouts and forms for City-taught CAN-BIKE courses.

City of Toronto CAN-BIKE instructor opportunities are posted seasonally on Recreation Jobs, so if you do not see any CAN-Bike Instructor jobs posted, please check back on an ongoing basis.