As of December 2022

On-Street Cycling Infrastructure (Centreline Kilometres)

Cycle tracks: 78.9 km

Bicycle lanes (includes buffered and contra-flow): 136.6 km

Wayfinding and route connector “sharrows” (shared lane pavement markings): 55.4 km

On-street total: 270.9 km

Multi-Use Trails (Centreline Kilometres)

Off road trails, including rail trails, hydro corridor trails, boulevard trails, and major parks trails along with their connections and entrances: 388.1 km

These kilometres do not include minor parks trails or natural surface trails.


Note: Centreline kilometres measure the length of the road / trail segment. This is different from lane kilometres, which count infrastructure on both sides of the street. In previous years, the on-street network was reported in lane kilometres, but the City is transitioning to reporting in centreline kilometres for all bikeways, which is more consistent with other jurisdictions.