The map below shows all the cycling infrastructure in Toronto separated by type. Plan your route by entering your address or start location in the search bar to view the cycling network. To search by bikeway type, click on “Filter Results” and select the type of bikeway from the drop-down menu. Please note that the map does not feature bikeway or trail closures. Please see the Road Restrictions map to view current and upcoming closures.

Learn more about Toronto’s Cycling Infrastructure, including the characteristics of each type of bikeway included in the map. The City also maintains a network of winter cycling routes that receive snow plowing, salting, and snow removal.

The 2024 Toronto Cycling Map shows on and off-street bikeways, Bike Share station locations, suggested routes and connections to work, school, shopping or to explore the city.

Please note that we do not mail maps to individual addresses. Paper copies of the 2023 Toronto Cycling Maps are currently available at:

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