Toronto Fire Services fire prevention and enforcement strategies aim to increase public safety and awareness. Toronto Fire Services is guided by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA) and regulations under the FPPA, like the Ontario Fire Code. Inspections are initiated routinely for certain occupancy types, or by request or complaint.

The portal shows properties where inspections have been conducted by a TFS Fire Inspector. This includes properties where violations have been found which are required to be fixed for compliance at the time with the Ontario Fire Code, FPPA and Municipal Code. “Opened” refers to the date an inspection is started and “closed” indicates the date when the inspection process has ended.

Work completed in 2020 has allowed for the expansion of the portal to not only show residential high-rise buildings but inspection matters for multi-unit residential occupancy types including high-rise, low-rise, small multi-unit buildings, rooming houses/group homes, hotels, motels, detention centres, and all applicable vulnerable occupancy buildings (hospitals, nursing homes, residential cares and group homes designated a VO).

Note as of January 1 2021, the portal will include the following inspection details:

  • Date Inspections were opened and a list of violations, if applicable;
  • Inspections that have closed and the date when the inspection process ended with all violations fixed;
  • Applicable information for “A-F Orders”, which are orders made under Subsections 21(1)(a)-(f) of the FPPA will be included under the violations description. “G-Orders”, which are made under Subsection 21(1)(g) of the FPPA requiring the remedying any contravention of O.Reg 213/07 (“Ontario Fire Code”) will include all information related to the noted Ontario Fire Code contravention. The text of the FPPA is available for review.
  • Inspections where enforcement proceedings are underway.

Inspection details will indicate if there are enforcement proceedings currently underway, such as prosecutions under the Provincial Offences Act. Note that not all violations listed under the inspection details on the portal proceed to charges.  Information related to enforcement proceedings can be found by contacting Toronto Court Services.

Any buildings that have an immediate threat to occupant or firefighter safety are required to implement temporary measures until Ontario Fire Code violations or FPPA Orders are corrected.

Information on inspections conducted at each address is under the Details button. Inspections that resulted in no observable violations of the Ontario Fire Code, FPPA and Municipal Code are highlighted in Green. Inspections that have resulted in violations and subsequently the violations have been fixed will be highlighted in Orange. If enforcements proceedings have commenced applicable inspections will be indicted with the following statement “*Enforcement proceedings are associated with this inspection”. The inspection will remain open until all related processes have ended.

If you have a question about a property please contact one of the Fire Prevention Command offices listed below.

For information on violations, see the Ontario Fire Code

North Command
Wards: 6-York Centre, 8-Eglinton-Lawrence, 15-Don Valley West, 16 Don Valley East, 17-Don Valley North, 18-Willowdale
5100 Yonge StreetToronto, ON
M2N 5V7
Phone: 416-338-9150

East Command
Wards: 14-Toronto-Danforth, 19-Beaches-East York, 20-Scarborough Southwest, 21-Scarborough Centre, 22-Scarborough-Agincourt, 23-Scarborough North, 24-Scarborough-Guildwood, 25-Scarborough-Rouge Park
150 Borough Drive
Toronto, ON
M1P 4N7
Phone: 416-338-9250

South Command
Wards: 9-Davenport, 10-Spadina-Fort York, 11-University-Rosedale, 12-Toronto-St.Paul’s, 13-Toronto Centre
City Hall Gr Fl, W.,100 Queen St.West
Toronto, ON
M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-338-9350

West Command
Wards: 1-Etobicoke North, 2-Etobicoke Centre, 3-Etobicoke-Lakeshore, 4-Parkdale-High Park, 5-York South-Weston, 7-Humber River-Black Creek
399 The West Mall
Toronto, ON
M9C 2Y2
Phone: 416-338-9450

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 Inspections with no violations   Inspections that resulted in violations and violations have been fixed

* Enforcement Proceedings are associated with this inspection.