Access curriculum-based programs for elementary and high school students, programs for ESL students and guided tours for all other groups.

Tours and programs are currently offered in both virtual and in-person formats. Contact us for more information.


Grade 3 students can enjoy a map-based program, and Grade 8 students can explore Toronto's engagement with public health issues since 1883.

High School

Study the changes in one Toronto neighbourhood over the last 120 years, and explore the experiences of a Toronto family during the First World War through personal letters and other primary sources.

English Literature Students

Explore some of the archival documents used by Ondaatje in In the Skin of a Lion. Examine maps, photographs, and other archival records used by Redhill in the development of his tale of Toronto.


A tour of the Archives is a useful introduction for undergraduates and post-grads, of any discipline, to the world of archival research.

ESL students

Bring your ESL class to the Archives to learn about the history of Toronto, and to help your students put into practice their listening and conversational skills.

City Hall

Offering a 90-minute program at Toronto's iconic City Hall, informing teachers and students about the structure and various City Services.