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TO Prosperity: Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy is a concrete, 20-year plan that was unanimously approved by City Council in 2015. It contains 17 recommendations linked to a set of actions to be carried over a four-year period. Annual work plans identify initiatives that advance actions. The strategy focuses on housing stability, services access, transit equity, food access, the quality of jobs and incomes, and systemic change.

TO Prosperity

The full strategy document containing TO Prosperity’s vision, objectives, and recommendations.

Community Engagement

Year 1 Report

Learn about what we achieved in 2016 and where we are going in 2017.


By 2035, Toronto is a city with opportunities for all: a leader in the collective pursuit of justice, fairness and equity. We want to be renowned as a city where everyone has access to good jobs, adequate income, stable housing, affordable transportation, nutritious food, and supportive services.

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Fearing eviction, walking to save a token, always choosing the cheapest and least nutritious food, telling government agencies the same information over and over again, and worrying that the opportunities enjoyed by other children will be denied to yours. That’s what life is like for too many Torontonians.

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In 2016, the City of Toronto made new investments in poverty reduction initiatives, maintained investments made in the previous year, approved key policies, and expanded and improved essential services to vulnerable residents. Here are some examples of progress in this year.

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Twenty Torontonians will use their firsthand experience with the conditions and impacts of living with poverty to inform the development, implementation, and monitoring of the City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

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