Vehicles are the source of approximately one-third of Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Switching passenger, freight and transit vehicles from gasoline and diesel to electric and other low-carbon fuels is a central part of the City’s plan to reduce GHG emissions 80% by 2050. The transition to electric and other low-carbon fuels will also significantly reduce local air pollutants that affect the health of Toronto residents.

To support the transition towards electric vehicles (EV), the City is working towards a number of objectives including:

  • co-developing, with key stakeholders, an electric vehicle transition strategy for Toronto
  • developing an electric vehicle charging infrastructure strategy
  • identifying best practices in electric vehicle preparedness planning in major North American cities to ensure equitable outcomes for all residents
  • launching quick start projects to test the implications of electric vehicle use for the local grid
  • exploring how electric vehicles could enhance community resilience

Council unanimously approved a one-year pilot project for 13 residential on-street EV charging stations in Trinity-Spadina (Ward 19), Toronto-Danforth (Ward 30), and Beaches-East York (Ward 32). If successful, the pilot will pave the way for a larger-scale roll-out of EV charging infrastructure in Toronto.

Read the Staff Report for more information.