Toronto’s ambitious TransformTO Net Zero Strategy identifies a path to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040.

Tap Water in Toronto

Information on drinking water quality and answers to commonly asked questions.

Live Green Toronto

Participate in Live Green Toronto programs to help green your life and community.

Environmental Grants & Incentives

Save energy, money and more with these incentives to green your home, community and business.

Managing Rain & Melted Snow

How the City is managing stormwater and what you can do, including basement flooding prevention.

Water-Related Help & Advice

What to do if you have no water, leaks, basement flooding, sewer back-ups, low water pressure, frozen pipes and more.

Your Water Meter & Pipes

How to care for your water pipes and meter, and what to do if you need support.


Information on the maintenance, protection and planting of trees.

Climate, Energy & Resilience

Learn about Toronto's climate action plan, and how we're improving the resilience and energy security of our city.

How to Use Less Water

Tips to save water for businesses, at home and in the garden.

Protecting & Improving Lake, River & Stream Water Quality

How the City manages the health of waterways and tips for residents.

Water & Sewer Related Permits & Bylaws

Get a permit and information about bylaws and related programs.

Managing Sewage in Toronto

Managing sewage and your role in protecting our pipes and sewers.