Request the planting, pruning or removal of a City tree.


Tree maintenance and protection is important for the health of our urban forests. The City of Toronto has a goal of reaching 40 per cent tree canopy cover by 2050 but we can’t do this alone. Together we need to plant, protect, maintain and plan to achieve this goal. Trees absorb water, clean the air, provide shade, reduce erosion, flooding and wind tunnels, and decrease heating and cooling costs.

Learn about:

Tree Planting

Help increase Toronto's existing tree canopy cover from 28 per cent to 40 per cent.

Forest Management

Learn how you can help and what to expect when forest management operations are happening in your area.

Tree & Ravine Protection

Learn how to protect trees in Toronto.

City-Owned Tree Maintenance

Understand how City-owned trees are inspected, pruned or removed.

Storm Damage to Trees

Learn what to do when trees are damaged by a storm.

Traditional & Prescribed Burn

Traditional and prescribed burns are controlled fires that help restore and protect Black Oak woodlands and savannahs.