Managing rain and melted snow is essential to improving the health of our waterways and reducing basement flooding. Learn more about the City’s stormwater management plans and what you can do to help.

What is Stormwater

Learn more about stormwater, where it goes and why managing it is important.

The City's 25-Year Plan: The Wet Weather Flow Master Plan

A long-term plan with the goal of reducing and ultimately eliminating the impacts of stormwater.

Stormwater Management Projects

Existing and upcoming stormwater management projects.

Protecting & Improving Lake, River & Stream Water Quality

Where water pollution comes from, what the City doing about it and what you need to know to stay safe.

Basement Flooding

How to prevent basement flooding, what to do if you flood, and what the City is doing.

How You Can Help Manage Stormwater

Learn what you can do to help manage rain and melted snow.