The Service Plan is a Council approved document that guides the planning and delivery of early learning and child care services in Toronto. The plan sets strategic directions and actions for a five year period.

2020-2024 Service Plan

February 2018/19

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey on draft Service Plan principles. We received over 180 responses which included feedback from parents and early learning & child care providers among others.

The results indicate that each draft principle is strongly supported. We will use these results and the comments that were submitted to refine these principles and guide the development of the 2020-2024 Service Plan.


As Service System Manager, Children’s Services will…

 Principle Support

Equitably plan and deliver programs and services to children and families according to defined measures of need, and intentionally plan for children and families that experience exclusion.



Promote responsiveness to the needs of all children and families, so that everyone feels like they belong.



Recognize the unique status and cultural diversity of Indigenous communities and their right to self-determination; and


Remove barriers to provide culturally relevant, safe, and proficient programs and services for Indigenous Peoples, delivered in partnership with Indigenous organizations.



Help children and families to advance their well-being by facilitating access to programs and services through informed decision-making



Use public funds to support quality child care and early years services focusing on the public and non-profit sectors.



Evaluate outcomes to continue to improve programs and services in an accountable way.



Plan and deliver programs and services in an integrated way to help children and families move through the continuum of services with ease.



Continuously innovate and advance organizational and pedagogical best practices to deliver and support high quality services.



Fall 2018

The City is starting to develop the next Service Plan. The 2020-2024 Plan will include:

  • licensed child care
  • EarlyON Child and Family Centres
  • before and after school programs
  • special needs resourcing
  • the work that supports these programs and services

Working with families and community partners, we will learn about their priorities and perspectives to guide the development of the Service Plan. Over the next few months, we will be listening to:

  • Toronto’s children and families
  • Toronto’s diverse communities including those who experience barriers of discrimination and disadvantage
  • Organizations, agencies and staff who provide early learning and child care services
  • Toronto’s four school boards  (TDSB, TCDSB, Viamonde, MonAvenir)
  • Toronto Child and Family Network