The City of Toronto will fly, on existing courtesy flag poles, flags of nations recognized by the Federal Department of Global Affairs on its national day or on the anniversary of a special occasion; or flags of non-profit or charitable organizations; for up to two weeks upon the online submission of the group or organization.

Requests to use the courtesy flag pole will be confirmed on a first come first served basis.

Requests will not be approved for:

  • Political parties or organizations
  • Religious organizations or in celebration of religious events
  • Commercial entities or in celebration of corporate events
  • Intent that is contrary to City policies or bylaws
  • Organizations requesting flag raisings that espouse hatred, violence or racism
  • Organizations that have already flown a courtesy flag during the same calendar year

Should your organization not have an official letterhead, provide an:
– official website link  or
– social media account, i.e. Facebook

To book an event/ceremony on the City public space, please, click below: