Why invest in City of Toronto Debentures?

Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a growing and highly diversified economy. It is one of the most livable and competitive cities in the world as demonstrated by various international rankings and reports. Toronto’s rankings confirm that it continues to offer a high quality of life for 2.8 million residents who choose to live and work here.

Here you will find information about City of Toronto’s borrowing and debt management program.

The City issues long-term debt for capital purposes only. Debt financing matches the repayment term to the economic useful life of the capital project.

Toronto has one of the largest municipal borrowing programs in Canada. It is a regular issuer in the public Canadian debt market with two to three sinking fund debentures each year. These debenture issues are initially distributed and traded by several Canadian investment dealers. Retail investors can contact their financial institutions to inquire about investing in the City of Toronto’s debentures.