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Don Valley West

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Sydney Scott

Jaye Robinson is the City Councillor for Ward 15 – Don Valley West. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Art Gallery of Ontario, Leaside Memorial Gardens Arena, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Jaye has also been named as the Mayoral Designate to the Toronto Hydro Corporation Board of Directors and is a member of the Economic and Community Development Committee.

Before running for municipal office, Jaye was a senior manager in economic development at the City of Toronto for over 20 years. With an entrepreneurial approach, she successfully merged arts and community building initiatives with economic development strategies to launch a vibrant roster of annual events that generated significant financial benefits for the City. Her resume includes Nuit Blanche, Summerlicious, and Winterlicious.

From 2018-2022, Jaye served as Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and during the 2014-2018 City Council term, as Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. Over her three terms as a City Councillor, Jaye has moved hundreds of motions to improve traffic and pedestrian safety, build local parks, and enhance the beautiful neighbourhoods of Ward 15.

A believer in transparent governance and evidence-based decision making, Jaye strives to make municipal politics more accessible for residents and consult with the neighbourhoods she represents. At City Hall, she continues to champion planning reform, road safety, public transit, congestion management, environmental initiatives, improving Toronto’s fiscal health, and protecting trees and green spaces.

Jaye lives in Don Valley West with her family, three sons, and cocker spaniel, Sadie.

(Information provided by the Councillor)