Don Valley East

Councillor Jon Burnside

Chief of Staff

Jim Murphy

Senior Policy Advisor, Planning

Mary Campbell

Senior Policy Advisor

Jessica Monk

Constituency Assistants

Paula Goncalves

Vicky Ou

Lynda Bowerman

Jon Burnside was elected in 2022 as City Councillor for Ward 16 (Don Valley East) where he has been a resident for nearly two decades. Constituents in Wynford-Concorde and Flemingdon Park already know Jon as he was City Councillor for the previous Ward 26 (Don Valley West) from 2014 to 2018.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Jon served for 10 years as a Toronto Police Officer, working in diverse communities, including Flemingdon Park. Jon has also been an entrepreneur – starting his own healthy food delivery service which he successfully operated in the GTA for 14 years until his election to City Council.

Since his early 20’s, Jon has been a tireless community leader and builder – he is especially passionate about helping underserved communities. This includes spearheading the creation of free house league hockey in Flemingdon Park. Besides finding sponsors Jon engaged Toronto Police Services to operate the league which is now in its 15th season.

Jon’s other passion is rescuing dogs from across North America. Over the years he has welcomed 10 rescue dogs to his home. Current residents are Moonshine and Indy.

(Information provided by the Councillor)