Councillor Paul Ainslie's portrait

Chief of Staff

Antonette DiNovo

Advisor, Planning & Strategic Initiatives

Alex Amelin

Constituency Assistants

Jennifer Paredes

Ashma Patel

Advisor, Outreach & Strategic Communications

Katrina Caguimbal

Administrative Assistant

Steven Boyd

As an effective member of Toronto City Council, Paul brings a broad perspective to City Hall, with more than 20 years of experience at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of government; an edge when navigating through public policy.

As Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, Paul strives to ensure the library has an open positive environment where residents can gather to learn, have fun and partake in programming.  During Paul’s tenure as Chair of Toronto Public Library Board the library has added many social media tools to their portfolio, reaching out to residents in a modern and comprehensive manner making the library more accessible.

As Chair of the Government Management Committee and General Government and Licensing Committee Councillor Ainslie has over the years worked to update the City of Toronto’s use of technology to enhance services to all Toronto residents, while encouraging a more accountable accessible government.

Paul envisions a City where all resident have the tools to access an open, accessible, transparent and accountable local government. Paul hopes this will build public trust and confidence in our municipal government.


(Information provided by Councillor)