Councillor Paul Ainslie

Chief of Staff

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Councillor’s Assistant and Outreach

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Scarborough Constituency Office

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Shemar Jordan

Paul is an effective member of Toronto City Council. He brings a broad perspective to City Hall, with more than 25 years of experience at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government.

Newly appointed as the “Night Economy Champion”, Paul will strive to establish a cohesive, respectful harmony where both residents and Toronto’s night economy will thrive.

Newly elected as Chair of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Board of Directors, Paul will strive to conserve, restore and manage natural resources

As Mayor John Tory’s designate on the Executive Committee, Chair of Scarborough Community Council, Member of the Economic Development Committee, as well as holding membership with a number of Boards, Paul will diligently work to ensure Toronto’s residents are well represented.

Serving on the Toronto Public Library Board as Chair, Paul added many social media tools to their portfolio, allowing for residents to interact with their library in a modern and comprehensive manner. Continuing his library role as Chair of Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, Paul strives to ensure our public libraries have an open, positive environment, where residents can gather to learn, have fun, and partake in programming.

Working on the Board of Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation, Paul was committed to realizing the vision of the Tenants First report, calling for the creation of seniors-focused housing and associated services with the goal to ensure seniors age in place with dignity and comfort.

Paul will continue to work for residents through his work in the community and at City Hall. For the 2022 – 2026 term Paul has been appointed to the following committees: Night Economy Champion, Chair of Scarborough Community Council, Executive Committee, Economic and Community Development Committee, Exhibition Place Board of Governors, Toronto Public Library, Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto Zoo Board of Management, Canadian National Exhibition Association, Municipal Section and Board of Directors, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Directors, Guild Renaissance Group Board of Directors, Hockey Hall of Fame Board of Directors, Ontario Good Roads Association Board of Directors, Chair of Federation of Ontario Public Libraries and Chair of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Board of Directors.

Paul envisions a city where all residents have the tools to utilize an open, accessible, transparent, and accountable local government. Paul hopes this will build public trust and confidence in our municipal government.

(Information provided by Councillor)