Humber River-Black Creek

Councillor Anthony Perruzza

Chief of Staff

Matias de Dovitiis

Executive and Administrative Assistant

Jessica Luke-Smith

Casework Manager

Rashid Katsina

Casework and Constituency Assistant

Carlo Lamonaca

Manager, Planning, Policy and Community Development

Rachel Scott

Outreach Coordinator, Community Development, and Events

Hanan Mohamed

Outreach Assistant, Youth Development, and Event Support

Amanpreet Chonkrian

Anthony Perruzza immigrated to Canada at age nine. His mother did factory shift work, and his father was a carpenter. Humber River-Black Creek is his lifelong home and where he’s raising his family.

An experienced representative, Councillor Perruzza was a Trustee in the Metro Toronto Separate School Board (1985-88), a North York Councillor (1988-90), and a Member of Provincial Parliament (1990-95). He served as the Toronto City Councillor of Ward 8 from 2006 until 2018, when he was elected to serve the new mega-Ward 7.

Re-elected as City Councillor for Ward 7 in 2022, Anthony Perruzza has dedicated his life to serving Humber River-Black Creek. His extensive involvement in the community includes being a member of Toronto’s Etobicoke & York Community Council, the Infrastructure & Environment Committee, the Exhibition Place Board of Governors, and an Executive Member of the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority.

After decades of leadership, Anthony Perruzza brings invaluable experience and grassroots knowledge to the Councillor’s office. He is a strong and reliable voice for affordability, accessible services, equity, and the environment.

Anthony has worked hard to enhance playgrounds and rebuild roads and sewers. He supported the subway extension to Vaughan to connect people across the city and get them where they needed to go. Through his work as the Poverty Reduction Advocate, Anthony always advocated for more local jobs and opportunities for youth. He has also fought for more seniors to receive property tax and utility bill rebates. Anthony has helped repair and upgrade rental housing for years and organized park cleanups, tree plantings, and toy drives for families. Through Anthony’s dedication, the Yorkwoods Library and Theatre are being renovated, a new community centre is well on its way for Weston and Sheppard, and he’s advancing the Jane-Finch Community Hub and Centre for the Arts.

(Information provided by the Councillor)