The ChemTRAC program requires local businesses to track and report on the use and release of priority substances (chemicals) as per the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw. Toronto Public Health collects data each year from local businesses on these chemicals, which are in Toronto’s air environment at levels of concern for health.

See new and archived ChemTRAC reports going back to 2005 below. Find reported chemical data in Toronto by facility, industry, substance, and more.

Board of Health Report (PDF) 
Tracking and Reducing Chemicals in Toronto (June 2012)

  • Board of Health report Strategy to Enhance Access to Environmental Information in Toronto.
  • Technical Report Process to Identify Priority Substances of Health Concern for Enhanced Environmental Reporting.
  • Backgrounder Revision to Priority Substances of Health Concern for Enhanced Environmental Reporting.
  • Consultant report Environmental Reporting in Toronto: Gaps and Opportunities. Lura Consulting (May 2007)
  • Technical Appendix “A” to Consultant Report Substances of Concern Release and Transfer Reporting in Toronto: Analysis of Gaps. Marshall Macklin Monaghan, Lura Consulting, Dr. Harvey Shear (May 2007)
  • Appendix “B” to Consultant Report
    • Key Informant Interview Report
    • Internal Stakeholder Session Report
    • External Stakeholder Session Report
    • Stakeholder Focus Group Report
    • Results and Steps Forward Workshop Report
    • Jurisdictional Review Report
  • City of Toronto Pilot Project Report Report on a pollution prevention project at the City of Toronto Printing and Distribution facility