Annual industry profiles provide information on employment characteristics (age, gender, education, etc) for more than 200 industries in the Toronto GTA.

Industry Profile 2018

How to Use the Data

Labour Force Survey (LFS) data are collected by place of residence, and therefore Toronto GTA’s employment represents employed residents and not jobs in the Toronto GTA.


The Index page of this spreadsheet provides a listing of more than 200 industries, the name of each industry in the Index is hyper-linked to the page containing the labour force profile for the industry. To view the profile click on the name of the industry on the Index page.


The labour force profiles are based on a special run from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey. Upon reviewing the data, you will see that at least some cells in each profile have been suppressed. For confidentiality reasons, Statistics Canada suppresses Labour Force Survey data for any cell that corresponds to less than 1,500 persons. In about 30 cases (where total employment in an industry is less than 1,500 in the Toronto GTA) all of the data in the profile have been suppressed. Profiles with missing data were included for consistency/completeness sake.

The Labour Force Survey is based on a monthly sample of approximately 3,000 households in the Toronto GTA; therefore, estimates will vary from the results of a complete census.

Industry Classification

Industry classification is based on the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) industry codes. NAICS is a classification system that groups establishments into industries based on the activities in which they are primarily engaged. It provides a common classification system for Canada, Mexico, and the United States.