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Theme: Affordability Active Affordable Rental Developments

Trend Analysis


The Affordable and Seniors' Housing Task Force identified several strategies and actions to address the need for more affordable rental housing for low- and moderate-income households, and the need for more housing choices for seniors.

  • Lead by example by ensuring that the Region is strategic, proactive and anticipatory, and is ready to champion affordable rental and seniors' housing.
  • Overcome the barriers that are preventing affordable rental and seniors' housing by reducing risks, increasing certainty and offsetting costs.
  • Partner and build support for affordable housing through improved education, communication, outreach and awareness, and by supporting partners who are in the business of creating and maintaining affordable rental and/or seniors' housing in Durham Region.
  • Showcase best practices and share information to build Durham Region's reputation as an affordable housing and seniors' housing exemplar, fit for imitation by others.
  • Advocate responsibly to senior levels of government for affordable and suitable housing that meets the needs of all.
  • Monitor progress and report on results to ensure that objectives are being met and that success is being realized through on-the-ground action.