The Voter Information Card (VIC) provides useful information on where and when you can vote during the 2023 by-election for mayor. It’s a helpful tool to take to the voting location when you vote, because it confirms for election officials that you are on the voters’ list and that can speed up time spent in the voting location. 

You can find out when and where you go to vote by using MyVote or by calling 311.

Important To Know

  • You do not need a VIC to vote.
  • You can only vote once in the by-election for mayor, even if you received more than one voter information card. It is an offence to vote more than once.
  • The VIC is not a form of identification. You must present acceptable identification when you go to vote.

Getting on the Voters’ List

In order to access a VIC, you first need to be on the voters’ list. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for preparing the preliminary list of electors for each municipality and school board in Ontario.

Every effort is made to remove as many duplicates as possible, but it’s important you use MyVote to review and confirm your information on the list in advance of the by-election. You can make edits by using MyVote starting May 1 until May 26.

After May 26, you can add yourself to the voters’ list when you go to vote at the voting place. If you have any questions, email or call 311.

How To Access Your Voter Information Card (VIC)

VICs are being mailed (starting May 23) to all voters who were on the voters’ list as of May 14. This ensures VICs are received prior to advance voting days, June 8 to 13. 

If you don’t receive a VIC in the mail, but you are on the voters’ list, starting June 1, you can view, download or print your VIC through MyVote. You are not required to have a printed copy of your VIC. You can show your VIC on your mobile device when you go to vote. 

If you are unable to access MyVote, call 311 to discuss options.

VIC Facts You Need To Know

Voter Cards in the Mail

  • VICs are mailed to eligible voters starting May 23.
  • Only eligible voters who are on the voters’ list as of May 14 will be mailed a voter information card. If you are on the voters’ list and do not get a voter card in the mail, you can access your card by using MyVote.

If You Don’t Receive Your VIC

  • If you’re on the voter’s list and you haven’t received your VIC, but someone in your household does, this may be because Canada Post mails the VICs in batches. 

What To Do if You Receive More Than One VIC

  • If you receive more than one VIC, bring the most accurate card that matches your identification to the voting place when you go to vote. For the duplicate card, you can choose to:
    • dispose of it
    • print Duplicate – Return to Sender on the card and drop it in any Canada Post mailbox
    • take the additional card when you go to vote and give it to an election official letting them know the card is a duplicate

VIC for Someone Who Does Not Live at Your Address or Is Deceased

  • If you receive a VIC for a person that does not live in your household, you can print Does Not Live Here – Return to Sender or Moved – Return to Sender on the card and drop it in any Canada Post mailbox.
  • If you receive a VIC for a person who is deceased, you can print Deceased – Return to Sender on the card and drop it in any Canada Post mailbox.

How To Update Your VIC Information

  • When you receive your VIC, but the information is incorrect, you can take the VIC with you when you go to vote and make any necessary revisions by completing a Voter List Amendment Application.