Learn more about municipal elections through our educational resources, the election accessibility plan and the rules that govern our processes. Find information on the contribution rebate program and background information on changes to election legislation.

The Next General Municipal Election is Monday, October 24, 2022

Election Education Resources

Resources for educators about the election process and information for students and youth on how to get involved in municipal elections.

Election Rules

Bylaws, municipal code, legislation, policies and procedures that shape the municipal elections and by-elections in the City of Toronto.

Contribution Rebates

Learn about the contribution rebate program and the rules and responsibilities for candidates and contributors.

Election Accessibility Plan

Learn about our commitment to removing barriers to and making elections accessible to all.

Background Information on Legislative Changes

Important information on the changes that occured for the 2018 election

Election Guides and Tools

Important guides and tools for accessibility, voters, candidates and third party advertisers.