Key by-election information you need to know for voting in the Councillor Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt by-election. Translated into Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well as Tamil based on the Use of Languages, By-law #1176-2009.

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Toronto Elections is introducing Vote by Mail to offer electors a safe and secure alternative to in-person voting.

Step 1: Apply to Vote by Mail

Visit to apply until 4 p.m. on January 4, 2021.

Step 2: Receive your Vote by Mail Package

Upon approval of your application, you will be sent a Vote by Mail package which includes:

  • A declaration form that must be signed in order for your vote to count
  • An official Ballot for the Councillor Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt By-election
  • A Ballot Secrecy Envelope
  • A Yellow Return Envelope with pre-paid postage

Step 3: Return your Yellow Envelope

Complete the following steps in order to have your vote count:

  • Sign the Declaration Form, and insert into the Yellow Return Envelope
  • Mark the Ballot, and put your marked Ballot into the Secrecy Envelope
  • Insert the sealed Secrecy Envelope into the Yellow Return Envelope
  • Return the Yellow Return Envelope, by mail using the pre-paid envelope, or hand deliver to drop box between January 8 to January 15 at either of these two locations:
    • Stephen Leacock Seniors Community Centre
      2520 Birchmount Road, Toronto
    • L’Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre
      2000 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto

All required documents to Vote by Mail, including your marked ballot and signed declaration must be received by no later than 6 p.m. on January 15.

If you are not able to apply online call 311 or email

Apply to Vote by Mail

Election Day

Friday, January 15, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Your voting location will appear on your Voter Information Card or you can find it by using MyVote. All voting places will be accessible and information about each location is available on MyVote.

Advance Vote

Friday, January 8 to Sunday, January 10, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Use MyVote to print your Voter Information Card or show it digitally on your smart phone when you go to vote.

When You Go to Vote

Ensure you meet the qualifications to vote. You must be:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • at least 18 years old;
  • a resident in Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt; or a non-resident of Toronto, but you or your spouse own or rent property in Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt; and
  • not prohibited from voting under any law.

You may only vote once in the Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt by-election regardless of how many properties you own or rent within Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt.

While you are in the voting place:

  • Wear your mask or face covering, it is mandatory for all indoor public spaces in the city of Toronto.
  • Follow the instructions and directions from election officials.
  • Maintain physical distancing in the voting place – 2 metres (6 feet) apart.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entering and exiting the voting place.

Identification (ID)

To vote you must show identification that has your name and qualifying Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt address. A list of acceptable identification can be found on the Toronto Elections website:

If you do not have acceptable ID and are not on the voters’ list, you will be asked to return with your ID in order to receive a ballot.

To limit the time spent in the voting place:

  • Add your name to the voters’ list before advance vote.
  • Bring your ID with your name and Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt qualifying address to receive a ballot.
  • Bring your Voter Information Card with you.
  • Vote during non-peak times. The busiest times are from 5 p.m. to the close of voting.

You must bring ID when you go to vote, even if you have added yourself to the voters’ list.

It is important to check if you are on the voters’ list and that your information is correct, especially if you have moved or changed your name since the last election.

Being on the City of Toronto’s voters’ list means that you receive a Voter Information Card that will be mailed starting December 21. Having a Voter Information Card will help speed up your time in the voting place.

Remember you must be on the voters’ list to apply to Vote by Mail.

Starting December 2, the City of Toronto will accept revisions to the voters’ list.

  • You can check, change or add your information on the voters’ list by using MyVote:, or by calling 311.


Use MyVote to view all of the key information for the Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt By-election.

MyVote is easy to use, simply enter your Toronto address and you can:

  • Change, check or add your information to the voters’ list
  • Find out where and when to vote
  • View and print your Voter Information Card (you can use your voter information card digitally when you go to vote)
  • See the list of candidates running
  • Find accessibility information about your voting place
  • View a sample of your ballot
  • View a map of Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt
  • Voting places are subject to change, so please check MyVote before you go to vote.

Bring your Voter Information Card when you go to vote.

Toronto Elections is continuing to move forward with administering the by-election on Friday, January 15, 2021, in compliance with provincial orders and with the necessary protocols in place. We will monitor and assess the situation as it unfolds and continue to consult and work closely with Toronto Public Health to follow best practices to keep the voting places safe for voters and staff:

  • Provide a Health Screening Officer at the entry to the voting place to ensure all voters have reviewed the self-screening questions and are wearing a mask or face covering. Masks or face coverings are mandatory for all indoor spaces in the city of Toronto.
    • In the event an individual is exempt from the mandatory mask requirement, Toronto Elections will take additional precautions to accommodate voting in a manner that protects everyone’s health and safety.
  • Provide signage and floor decals for direction and to maintain social distancing.
  • Provide sanitizer at all voting places for voters.
  • Clean and disinfect all touched surfaces and objects frequently throughout the day.
  • Provide single-use items such as marking pens and secrecy folders.
  • Designate an entrance and exit point for physical distancing.
  • Provide personal protective equipment for voting place staff, such as masks, and hand sanitizer.
  • Increase health and safety training for staff working in the voting place.
  • Offer multiple voting opportunities and methods.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, please stay home and contact 311 to explore other voting options.

Find out what these symptoms are by going to:

Vote by Mail

Toronto Elections is introducing Vote by Mail for the 2021 By-election for Councillor Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt. Vote by Mail offers eligible voters an alternative option to in-person voting. Review the New! Mail-in Voting information in this flyer.

Eligible voters can apply to Vote by Mail until 4 p.m. January 4, 2021.

Go Digital with your Voter Information Card

Toronto Elections has a digital Voter Information Card option available to you. Go to, to view your Voter Information Card, and use it digitally on your smart phone when you go to vote.

Accessible Voting Equipment

The Voter Assist Terminal is a ballot-marking device that allows voters with disabilities and other special needs to mark their ballot privately and independently. The features include a touch screen, an audio component, a Braille key pad, a Sip/Puff tube device, a Rocker Paddle/Foot Switch and zoom features to adjust font sizes and colour contrast.

If you require the use of a Voter Assist Terminal on any of the voting days, they are available at:

  • Stephen Leacock Seniors Community Centre
    2520 Birchmount Road, Toronto
  • L’Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre
    2000 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto

Voting Proxy

If you are unable to vote on any of the available voting days for any reason, and do not want to apply for Mail-in Voting, then you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf by completing a Voting Proxy Appointment form.

Voting Proxy Appointment forms will be available starting December 2, and can be either emailed or mailed to you by contacting or calling 311.

Note: certification of Voting Proxy Application forms will be done at 89 Northline Rd., by appointment only.

More Options Available

  • Instructions on how to vote will be available at all voting places in 26 languages, Braille and on the Toronto Elections website:
  • Magnification sheets will be available in all voting places to assist voters with low vision.
  • Election information for the deaf or hard of hearing is available by calling the TTY line at 416-338-OTTY (0889).
  • You may bring a friend along to help you if you are unable to mark your ballot on your own or you can ask an election official for assistance.
  • All voting places welcome the use of support persons and service animals.

Call 311 if none of these options meet your needs, or If you are physically unable to enter the voting place.