May 2019 – Highlights for Candidates:

  • Contributors will start receiving their contribution rebates in early 2020. Refer to ‘Timing’ under the Contribution Rebate Program section below for more details.
  • Candidates and registered third party advertisers who did not file a financial statement or exceeded their expense limit in the 2018 municipal election are considered to be in default of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 (the Act). Candidates who are in default of the Act are ineligible to run or be appointed to municipal office until after the next general election has taken place. Registered third party advertisers who are in default are ineligible to register as a third party advertisers until after the next general election.

Key Dates

Candidate key dates relevant to the 2018 municipal election cycle.

Financial Filing Requirements

Information for candidates about their financial filing requirements after the election.

Candidates' Guide, Forms & Presentations

2018 candidates’ guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections.

Rules & Information

Information on canvassing, the contribution rebate program, and other rules for candidates.

Bulletins, Letters & Notices

Important information, documents and updates for candidates.

Become a Candidate

Information for people interested in running for mayor, councillor or school board trustee.