Impact of the Passing of Councillor Cynthia Lai on the Scarborough North – Ward 23 Election

On October 21, 2022, Councillor Cynthia Lai, member of Toronto City Council, and candidate for the office of councillor, Scarborough North, passed away.

Under subsection 39(a) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 (MEA), if a certified candidate for an office dies and another candidate would not be elected by acclamation as a result, then the election shall proceed as if the candidate had not been nominated. Given there are three other candidates running for Scarborough North – Ward 23 councillor, the election for that office will continue to take place on Monday, October 24.

The ballots for election day have already been printed and cannot be changed in time for Monday’s election. On election day, notice of the candidate’s death will be made available to the Scarborough North – Ward 23’s approximately 61,100 voters at all 35 voting places.

Any votes cast for the candidate on election day, as well as those already cast during the advance vote and through mail-in voting, will not be counted.

Eligible voters can only vote once. There is no provision in the MEA for voters who have already cast a ballot through mail-in ballot or advance voting for the candidate to change their vote