The existing Grand Avenue Park is a one-hectare parcel of green space on the east side of Grand Avenue and north of the Metrolinx Lakeshore Rail corridor. The City acquired additional land next to Grand Avenue Park to create a new, approximately five-hectare (12 acres), park. The working title for the design of the new park is Grand Manitoba Park.

Phase 1 construction is anticipated to start early 2019 with completion early 2020.

A public information meeting will take place June 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m at George R. Gauld Junior School. Everyone is welcome to attend. More information about the meeting can be found under Consultation on this page.


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The location of the park and the proposed expansion.

The new park design is an ideal opportunity to provide a creative vision for a major park and was created in consultation with the local community and general public (see Consultation section below).

The new park:

  • Integrates city and community recreation and leisure needs.
  • Addresses community-based issues.
  • Reflects sustainable and environmentally sound landscape design and management.

Phase 1 Improvements – Public Information Meeting

This meeting/workshop will:

  • Review recommendations from the Grand Ave Park master plan
  • Review preliminary ideas for Phase 1 Improvements
  • Discuss priorities for Phase 1 Park Improvements
  • Discuss next steps

Everyone is welcome to attend. Councillor Mark Grimes from Ward 6 will be in attendance.

ASL interpreters may be provided, if available. Please contact 311 in advance of this meeting if interpreter is needed.

Previous Consultations

Local residents, recreation clubs, and park user groups had opportunities to review and provide comment as the Grand Manitoba Park design evolved.