In 2019, the City of Toronto initiated a project to revitalize the Governor’s Bridge Lookout at Don Valley Brick Works Park. Working in close collaboration with the Governors Bridge Ratepayers Association and in partnership with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, a concept design was completed throughout 2019.

The existing original Lookout structure has long been a destination spot in Don Valley Brick Works Park, offering impressive views of downtown through the Don Valley, as well as the entirety of the park below. The current Lookout also recognizes the Governors Bridge Rate Payers Association for their important advocacy and support for the park during its inception, as well their funding contribution towards the original lookout.

The existing lookout, installed when the park first opened, has experienced a number of challenges and is in need of improvements. This project aims to resolve current issues with the existing lookout, such as:

  • Vandalism and bonfires
  • Informal trails and shortcuts
  • Vegetation damage and trampling
  • Lack of accessibility

Implementation will follow, pending funding retention.


All relevant permits and approvals have been granted, and all their requirements met, finalizing the detailed design process. Content for interpretive content is in the creation stage and will be finalized prior to construction.


Detailed technical design for the lookout has been completed as per the Concept Design, providing all technical drawings required for construction and fabrication.


A detailed design process will follow through 2021 based on the concept design obtained through working with the Governor’s Bridge Lookout Revitalization Community. This process will involve all relevant technical studies, design packages and relevant approvals necessary for implementation.


Working with designers PLANT Architect Inc., the City of Toronto, Toronto Regional Conservation Authority and the Governor’s Bridge Ratepayers Association (GBRA) community worked collaboratively throughout 2019 to develop an exciting new concept design for a revitalized lookout based on the following objectives.

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Artist rendering showing an aerial view of the proposed lookout. An inclined platform leads from the main path to the main lookout platform. The lookout platform has a seating bench and donor signage. On the opposite side of the platform is a set of stairs leading down to another part of the main path.
Artist rendering showing an aerial view of the proposed lookout.
  • Enhance the user experience of the site
  • Provide an inspiring and accessible design solution that is safe and attractive
  • Minimize disruption to the existing ecology and enhance ecosystem health
  • Highlight contrasting long- and short-range views from the lookout
  • Reveal a progression of different views as you approach the lookout
  • Increase the presence and visibility of the lookout – encourage visitors to make the climb
  • Interpret key aspects of the site’s distinctive location within the Don Valley
  • Evoke and enhance the industrial character of the existing context
  • Provide a secondary access route to the lookout
  • Improve durability and maintenance and reduce opportunities for vandalism
  • Continue to recognize the GBRA for their support of the park and funding of the original lookout