In response to community feedback and a Feasibility Study conducted in 2019, the City is updating the clubhouse, playground and wading pool in Topham Park to provide a safer and more accessible experience for park users.

Project Timeline

Phase 1: Clubhouse Improvements

  • Winter 2020: Engage design consultant
  • Spring 2021: Design
  • Fall 2021: Tender for construction
  • Spring 2023: Construction starts
  • Summer 2023: Construction Complete

Phase 2: Wading Pool and Playground

  • Fall 2021: Design
  • Spring 2022: Tender for construction
  • Spring 2023: Construction starts
  • Summer 2023: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

July 11, 2019

Public Meeting

The City presented details describing the intent to create a comprehensive and integrated mater plan for the playground, water play and clubhouse improvements at the east end of Topham Park. The concepts were presented and discussed with the community.

Download the July 11, 2019, meeting summary.

2019 Feasibility Study

The City conducted a Feasibility Study to address the improvements to the clubhouse, playground and wading pool in Topham Park. The purpose of the study was to arrive at a supported plan to inform the future detailed design of the park improvements.

Download the 2019 Feasibility Report.

September 13, 2018

Stakeholder Meeting

A meeting took place to discuss the consultant’s concept plans and to determine the preferred design direction for the project. The feedback gathered from this meeting will inform the design presented to the community at a future public consultation.

Download the September 13, 2018, meeting summary.

July 18, 2018

Stakeholder Meeting

In preparation for the masterplan and schematic design, the Project Team presented information regarding the project, including costing for the integrated clubhouse, wading pool and playground improvements. It was noted that the sports field improvements will not be included in this plan.

Download the July 18, 2018, meeting summary.

Topham Park is a 2-hectare park located 181 Westview Blvd., near St. Clair Avenue East and O’Connor Drive. The park features three ball diamonds, two tennis courts, a wading pool and a children’s playground. At the north end of the park is the Topham Park Community Centre and Clubhouse.

In response to a Feasibility Study conducted in 2019 and feedback from the community, the Topham Park playground, wading pool and clubhouse are being upgraded. The redevelopment will occur in phases, with the construction of the clubhouse first in 2021.

Clubhouse Improvements

The existing clubhouse will be renovated in order to better align with the community’s needs. State-of-good-repair work will also be completed to ensure the life of the building. The scope of work will include:

  • Consolidating the existing snack bar and pantry to create a community servery
  • New exterior doors that improve traffic flow and allow direct access to community rooms
  • A centralized reception desk
  • Universal washroom with automatic door operators
  • Replacing existing windows to improve energy efficiency
  • Roof replacement
  • Large community rooms that will allow for flexible space, including sinks and counter space for community programming
  • Additional new storage
  • A chemical storage closet and eyewash station

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The Concept Plan for the clubhouse improvements in Topham Park include a full renovation of the existing clubhouse in order to better align with the community's needs. The existing snack bar and pantry will be consolidated to create a community servery, a new centralized reception desk added, universal washroom with automatic door operators, additional new storage, large community rooms to allow for community programming and a replacement of the roof structure and windows to improve energy efficiency.
The preferred Concept Architectural Plan based on community consultation provides community gathering space, storage, universal washroom and reception area.

Wading Pool and Playground Improvements

The landscape design work for the wading pool and playground will be coordinated with the clubhouse improvements. The playground and wading pool will be modernized in order to increase accessibility and ensure the equipment is in good condition. The redesigned playground and water play will include:

  • A new playground and play elements
  • Wading pool conversion
  • Improved accessibility
  • Accessible seating
  • Updated amenities (e.g. water fountain)
  • Improved layout

The water play and playground design will reinforce the preferred “Meadow” concept design from the 2019 Topham Park Master Plan and continue to be developed through consultation with the community.

The Existing Playground and Wading Pool

Project Renderings