Planned construction work for the trail extension project is temporarily paused due to the construction of the Reena Affordable Housing Project at 165 Elm Ridge Dr. Community engagement and design development for the trail extension will continue during this time.

The City is extending the York Beltline Trail between Marlee Avenue and Allen Road, south of Roselawn Avenue.

  • Winter 2021: Hire a design team
  • Fall 2022 to summer 2025: Community engagement, design development and detailed design
  • Spring 2026: Construction starts
  • Summer 2026: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

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July 2022

Following the July 5 pop-up event, the City is committed to working with residents and the local Councillor to resolve community concerns. The City has revised the anticipated project timeline to allow for an extended community engagement period between fall 2022 and spring 2023. The anticipated project construction timeline has also been revised to late fall/early winter 2023.

Pop-up Event

On July 5, 2022, City Staff were on-site to share information and speak with community members about the project. Overall the community felt that implementing the York Beltline trail extension between Marlee Avenue and Allen Road is an important addition to the local trail system and neighbourhood. However, a number of items need to be addressed through design development before trail construction can proceed.

Key feedback

  • Privacy and Security
    • The community suggested the following ideas to address privacy and security concerns:
      • high fences
      • high trees
      • security cameras
      • lighting
    • Low, broken and missing fence along the current trail has resulted in people trespassing onto neighbouring private properties.
    • Questions were raised around the security of the existing underground garage staircase and how the staircase will be secured.
    • The community agreed that a bollard at the beginning of the trail is required to discourage vehicular access.
    • The community was in favour of including an Emergency Call Station.
    • Safe pedestrian crossing at Marlee Avenue needs to be considered.
  • Planting and Maintenance
    • Garbage bins should be considered along the trail.
    • The community indicated that the property is currently not adequately maintained and future improvements should include continued maintenance.
    • The community would like to see this trail property looking beautiful with more planting.
    • The community asked that the proposed trail design consider including wildflower and native planting to encourage butterflies and pollinators.
    • Consider adding art along the trail to animate the space.
  • Existing and Future Drainage
    • The ditch south of the trail property is not currently draining anywhere and is typically covered in garbage and overgrown plant material. The residents would like this addressed.
  • Seating and Accessibility
    • Some community members would like to see seating along the trail.
    • Some community members are concerned with seating along the trail since it may encourage unwanted activity in at night.
    • Some community members asked for seating to be similar to seating arrangement east of Allen Road, at Beltline terminus.

June 2022

Resident Meeting

On June 8, City staff met with residents of 135 Marlee Ave. for a preliminary discussion on the future York Beltline Trail Extension.

Key feedback
  • Safety is a top priority, including the existing ditch
  • Concerns about privacy
  • Preference for no seating
  • Explore strategy to safely cross Marlee Avenue
  • Community need for emergency call station

July 2022 Pop-up Event Presentation Material

The proposed trail alignment is a preliminary plan in the early design phase. The details on the trail alignment will be further refined during the technical feasibility review and community engagement process.

The proposed train alignment will extend between Marlee Avenue and Allen Road and will be located above the existing underground garage for approximately half of the trail’s total length. An existing tree will need to be removed for this trail alignment.

The trail alignment is proposed to include:

  • A three metre wide limestone pathway with two entry points
    • A west entrance at Marlee Avenue
    • An east entrance near Allen Road
  • A bench that will be aligned perpendicular to Marlee Avenue, at the new trailhead

Proposed preliminary alignment for the York Beltline trail extension between Marlee Avenue and Allen Road. Proposed preliminary trail alignment includes a 3 meters limestone pathway with two entry points. The western most trail entrance is at Marlee Avenue and the eastern most entrance is near Allen Road. A bench is proposed at trail head perpendicular to Marlee Avenue. The proposed trail is situated above the existing underground garage for about half of its total length. An existing tree will be impacted by this trail alignment and will need to be removed.

  1. Existing board fence will be removed
  2. Bench on concrete pad
  3. Trail signage
  4. Bollard
  5. Three metre wide limestone pathway
  6. Existing staircase entrance to underground garage
  7. Existing tree will be removed
  8. Existing walkway
  9. Bollard

The City is planning a new extension of the York Beltline Trail between Marlee Avenue and Allen Road. A new trailhead will be added to the Marlee Avenue entrance, just south of Roselawn Avenue.

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A map that illustrates the project site for the York Beltline Trail Extension, with the site boundaries shown in red. The trail extension will start at Marlee Avenue and continue east ending just before Allen Road.