A new 700 m2 parkette (about the size of three tennis courts) is coming to 76 Coral Gable Dr. as part of the red oak heritage tree designation under Forests Ontario’s Heritage Tree Program. Due to the existing site limitations and restrictions, community engagement for the parkette design is limited to stakeholder interviews, which will occur when the design is available.

  • Fall 2023: Hire a design team
  • Spring 2024: Design development
  • Summer 2024: Detailed design
  • Fall 2024: Hire a construction team
  • Fall 2024: Construction starts
  • Spring 2025: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

March 2024

Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder interviews with local community members will occur alongside design development in spring 2024. These interviews will collect feedback from in-depth conversations with local residents and community members on the designs for the new parkette, facilitated by the project team. The outcome will be a final design, also called a preferred design.

November 2020

City Council

On November 26, 2020, City Council joined over 1,300 donors in committing to the preservation and celebration of the historic red oak tree. Council adopted Option B of MM26.9 authorizing the purchase of the property for the creation of a parkette.