A new 2,500 m2 park – slightly larger than five National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball courts – is coming to 15 Delisle Ave., located just west of Yonge Street and Delisle Avenue. The park design will be determined through the community engagement process.

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  • Winter 2023/2024 to Summer 2024: Community engagement
  • Fall 2024 to Spring 2025: Detailed design
  • Summer 2025: Hire a construction team
  • Fall 2025: Construction starts
  • Summer 2026: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

Level of Engagement

This project has been classified as an Involve project based on the International Association of Public Participation Public Participation Spectrum. This means we aim to work directly with the public throughout the process to ensure that public concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered in developing design options and identifying a preferred design. 

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In this phase of the community engagement process, the City worked with community members to define an overall draft vision statement for the park and a series of guiding principles which will guide the development of design options in Community Engagement Phase 2.

Draft Vision Statement

The New Park at 15 Delisle Ave. will be a green and calming space where people can connect with nature. The park will evoke a feeling of zen that is inviting and be a pleasant neighbourhood oasis where everyone in the community can spend time with friends, family and coworkers while enjoying a meal or drink. The park can host intimate community events and will create a sense of community and reduce anonymity. It will be beautiful, accessible, safe and welcoming to all while being resilient and easy to maintain.

Draft Guiding Principles

Green and sustainable

The park design should have shade, a natural aesthetic and minimal paved surfaces. It should promote biodiversity and prioritize storm water management.


The park design should have plantings to promote a sense of calm, softness and zen that creates a more intimate separation from the busy streets. It should also mitigate wind and noise.


The park design should bring people together from all walks of life for many activities.


The park design should be an inviting place for neighbours, friends and multigenerational families who live or work in the neighbourhood.


The park design should feel inspired, innovative and well-executed.

Draft Big Moves

To achieve a green and sustainable character, the design should:

  • promote biodiversity, especially bird habitat
  • contain mature trees, evergreen plantings, and native pollinator plantings
  • use permeable paving and sustainable materials
  • aim for a natural woodland aesthetic

To achieve a peaceful character, the design should:

  • create quiet, reflective spaces, such as small intimate seating areas
  • include meandering paths and curved forms
  • create a green buffer from streets and buildings
  • possibly include a water feature

To achieve an eventful character, the design should allow space for community activities such as yoga or seasonal art installations.

To achieve a social character, the design should:

  • include plenty of varied seating for large and small groups, but particularly cafe tables with shade and benches, and possibly picnic tables and Muskoka chairs
  • consider installing a shade structure of some kind
  • be accessible and family-friendly
  • include a water bottle filler

To achieve a playful character, the design should:

  • create space for yoga and similar activities
  • consider including a small amount of fitness equipment

The following big moves were suggested by one group but opposed by another:

  • consider a small stage or bandstand for acoustic concerts
  • consider a small, clearly defined area for dogs

Community Engagement Meetings and Events

January 2024

Virtual Workshop

On January 10, a virtual workshop took place that included a presentation from the project team about the project timeline, park context and a summary of the results of the online survey.

Twenty-three community members participated in small group activities where they revised the vision statement and suggested guiding principles and big moves. To help guide the conversation, the project team presented the five most popular answers to the question about park character in the December 2023 online thought exchange activity (green and sustainable; peaceful; eventful; social; and playful). The project team then asked participants to explain these park characters in more detail and discuss how they can be achieved. Draft big moves emerged from this discussion.

Download the workshop presentation.

December 2023

Online Thought Exchange Activity

From November 27 to December 26, 143 people participated in an online thought exchange activity where they provided 119 ideas with 2,701 idea ratings.

Review a full summary of the results in an interactive report.

The following summarizes the most popular ideas collected in the activity, within the project scope.

Participants rated the following sentiments the highest when asked to complete the sentence, “The new park at 15 Delisle Ave. should be a place where…”

  • people can connect with nature. Participants wanted the park to provide much-needed greenspace, especially for nearby condo residents who do not have backyards. Many comments mentioned that the surrounding area features busy roads and tall buildings and that there is a want for the park to be an oasis in a restorative, natural setting.
  • people can meet friends and neighbours. Participants described a park where people of all ages and abilities can gather, spend time and meet their neighbours. Many comments mentioned wanting to sit with coffee or lunch and chat with friends.
  • everyone feels safe. Participants emphasized the need for clear sightlines and sufficient lighting at night.
  • people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the space. Participants often noted the high population of older adults in the area meaning the park should be highly accessible.

A summary of the feedback that scored over 30 per cent follows.

The preferred character for the new park was:

  • Green and sustainable (65 per cent)
  • Peaceful (59 per cent)
  • Eventful (42 per cent)
  • Social (38 per cent)
  • Playful (34 per cent)

The most popular park uses were:

  • Relax in open green spaces (73 per cent)
  • Sit and/or eat (63 per cent)
  • Walk, exercise and be active (53 per cent)
  • Gather with friends and family (48 per cent)
  • Enjoy and observe planting areas (47 per cent)

The preferred park features were:

  • Seating (83 per cent)
  • Shade feature and/or pavilion (61 per cent)
  • Quiet reflective spaces (52 per cent)
  • Planting areas (50 per cent)
  • Flexible open green space (44 per cent)
  • Play equipment for children (31 per cent)

November 2023

Virtual Stakeholder Meeting

On November 22, the project team met with 10 stakeholders, including members from the Deer Park Resident’s Group and the Condo Board at 33 Delisle Ave. The project team presented the project timeline and community engagement plan, followed by a discussion where stakeholders shared their broad vision for the park.

In this phase of the community engagement process, the City and its design consultant will work off the outcomes of Community Engagement Phase 1 to develop two to three design options for the new park. These will be presented to the community for feedback, which will be used to develop a preferred design for the park. 

The community engagement activities anticipated in this phase will be shared later. 

The anticipated outcome of this phase is the selection of a preferred design.  

In this phase of the community engagement process, the City will share the preferred design with the community. When the preferred design is confirmed, the project will move into the detail design phase, where the design team will finalize the design by working through the technical details and developing detailed plans and drawings for the construction contractor. 

The community engagement activities anticipated in this phase will be shared later. 

A map showing the location of the new park at 1 Delisle Avenue. A pink box highlights the park location, about two hundred meters west of Yonge St on Delisle Avenue, one block north of St. Clair Avenue West.