A new 2,041 m2 park is coming to 25 Borough Dr. as a result of a mixed-use development project at Brimley Road and Progress Avenue in the Scarborough Centre neighbourhood.

The Park design is being developed in collaboration with a local Scarborough artist based on an initial concept presented as part of ArtworxTO. It will feature a custom playground, accessible pathways, seating and gathering areas, and more.

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    • Fall 2023: Hire a design team
    • Winter to Spring 2024: Design development
    • Spring 2024: Community engagement
    • Summer/Fall 2024: Detailed design
    • Spring 2026: Construction starts
    • Spring 2028: Construction complete, park opens

    The timeline is subject to change.

    Level of Engagement

    This project has been classified as a Consult project based on the International Association of Public Participation Spectrum. This means we obtain public feedback on existing analysis, alternatives and/or proposals.

    April 2024

    Online Survey

    From March 21 to April 5, an online survey collected feedback on the proposed design for the new park.

    A summary of the results will be posted on this page.

    March 2024

    In-Person Community Pop-Up Events

    On March 21 and 24, pop-ups took place at the Scarborough Town Centre YMCA and the Scarborough Town Centre Mall to provide information and collect feedback on the proposed design for the new park.

    A view of the proposed park design. A circular plaza is in the upper right (northeast) corner of the park. The plaza includes a linear bench and is surrounded by a curving berm with trees and shrub planting. A playground is located on the left side (west) side of the park, surrounded by a curving berm, with shade trees. A curving bench also follows the main path from the plaza to the plaza, providing enclosure for the playground and seating for caregivers. A grassy picnic area is located at the bottom (south) of the park.
    Aerial Plan of the Proposed Design.