A new 3,000 m2 park is coming to 335 Village Green Square in the Scarborough-Agincourt neighbourhood. In spring 2024 and until park construction starts, part of the future park site will be available for community use with an open lawn area and seating.

  • Summer 2023: Park site closed to lay grass
  • Spring 2024: A portion of the future park opens to the public
  • 2024: Community engagement and design development for the new park, including the future park expansion associated with the development at 2075 Kennedy Rd

The timeline is subject to change. Information about the construction timeline will be posted when available.

The future park at 335 Village Green Square will provide new parkland to a growing neighbourhood. The park will be combined with additional land, secured through an adjacent development, to form a future 3,000 m2 park.

The park design will be developed through a community engagement process planned to start in 2024. Before the park design and development process starts, the site will be opened to the public and include a lawn area and seating.


The future park is located on Village Green Square, one block east of Kennedy Road just north of Highway 401. The park site is adjacent to a development project at 2075 Kennedy Rd., which will be providing additional parkland to expand the park to the west.

Park Amenities

Starting in fall 2023, a 1,113 m2 space on the future park site will be available for community use with a lawn area and seating.

Site History

The future park location was formerly a sales centre for a condominium development. In May 2023, the City acquired the land for the purpose of using it as a park. The site is being converted to a condition suitable for public use and will be fenced until that work is completed.