The City of Toronto is developing a Concept Trail Plan for Lambton Woods, a 21.6 hectare Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) located on the west side of the Humber River between James Gardens and Lambton Park.

Download the final concept plan.

Project Details

The City has been working for a number of years to manage natural environment trails in parks and ravines to ensure the protection of our forests and natural areas while allowing for compatible recreational uses. These trails are well used by hikers, dog-walkers, mountain bikers and natural environment enthusiasts and are highly valued as an important part of the recreational trail network. Growing demand for recreational trails is leading to unsustainable trail use, unauthorized trail creation and damage to natural areas.

Lambton Woods contains high-quality deciduous forests on steep valley slopes and portions of a narrow floodplain, as well as a large groundwater discharge area, and smaller open wetland. It provides habitat for a number of significant species, including migrating songbirds.

Trails Map

Aerial map of Lambton Woods ESA and trails throughout
Lambton Woods Environmentally Significant Area (ESA), trails as mapped in 2016.